Wealthy countries have bought over half of the world’s COVID-19 vaccines, this seriously needs to change you can’t beat this pandemic like that, there’s a need for mutual efforts to get our hands off COVID-19 and to be precisely for now we must get the vaccines to health workers and the most vulnerable worldwide.

Dear, Americans, Britons, Canadians, and Japanese please start donating #COVID19 vaccine doses now, to reach health workers and the most vulnerable globally.

Vaccine nationalism puts the world, people’s lives, and your economies at risk.
If you think you can beat it alone let me remind you, meanwhile, you’re all getting your Lion’s share of vaccines, Viruses are getting their crucial upgrades, that time you finish vaccinating, keep in mind that

“diseases don’t respect countries’ boundaries”

In your next encounter with newly evolved COVID viruses, there will be this little Act inside your bodies.

​​​​​​​​PFIZER: Contact! enemies advancing 12 o’clock
MODERNA: Fire at will!
ALL TOGETHER: We are receiving heavy fire! Enemies are Frankenstein’s monsters! I repeat Enemies are Frankenstein’s monsters!
ALL TOGETHER: We need backup, enemy’s platoon is large than the entire call sign! I repeat enemy’s platoon is large than the entire call sign!
MODERNA: Alpha are not responding, Bravo are not responding, Charlie are not responding.
PFIZER: Delta are not responding!, Echo are responding!
ALL TOGETHER: All units are not responding we are assuming they are KIA!

ALL TOGETHER: Tangos went indigo, they are not seen but we are receiving heavy fire!

COVID VIRUSES: Haaahah! there were some upgrades since your day!

You can’t fight this pandemic alone, it’s a global war against well determined enemy that advancing in front line while receiving patches and upgrades every now and then, let’s fight this battle globally, We can only defeat #COVID19 together.