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OPEN THREAD TO H.E. @SuluhuSamia

I don’t know if this will reach you but I hope you will get its summary. Tanzanians need another favour before the end of this #Easter2021 season, the best favour your excellency @SuluhuSamia you could do for us is to find another work for @DocFaustine at the expense of @JMakamba, and order Hon. @mwigulunchemba1 to examine if those charges introduced to telecoms are reasonable and if not kindly consider removing them.

Working space has been rapidly changing since 2019 on the forces of #COVID19, Throughout the world, the internet became the fuel to power every money-making activity, Every economy has been digitally transformed, working space respects no country’s borders, attending corporate meetings requires no fancy suits, sending operational reports needs no papers and at a scale of 10, 8 vacancies are remote.

If we interpret Rostow’s 5th stage in the current world’s frugality, it is not the age of mass consumption that we are seeking it’s the age of mass “data” consumption, it’s measured in Mb's that your acquaintance skyrocketed it costs in a single night.

If I have to explain this situation metaphorically, I would say;

We are in the Steam locomotive approaching a hill in front of us, the engine can’t withstand the buffer so we’ve decided to detach cars containing coal to gain more torque for the climb, that works fine if the next few miles after the hill retains an arable land at least we could establish a little town to our newly designated destination, It’s scientific but not logical decision.

As the loco pilot your excellency @SuluhuSamia we are not too late, the best logical action is to stop now and reverse some miles then come back while pushing our steamer at its full thrust, this will not be betting using our very own fuel but harnessing the laws of nature, With the momentum gained from the reverse, our engine’s torque will provide a pulse to make that hill look like a little bump, the problem will be solved for good just without losing anything.

My suggestion of @JMakamba should not be misinterpreted with those famous deep state propaganda, we all know the guy is good at negotiation and dealing with conflicts and we smell the ice, a frozen conflict between the ministry of finance and planning with Telecommunication companies and in the situation there is the ministry of communications and ICT defending Tanzanians’ interests

Such a situation need a very warm negotiator, with compassion like a winter fire,

And January embers,

Our hearts are burning there too.


#Disclaimer alert!

The thread was not aimed to harm anyone it is just my “Humble Opinions”