Falling In Love Hits The Brain Like Cocaine Does

Someone asked how to help a person who can not move on after a break up? and most joked around as if it was something under someone’s control.

For all of you who are bragging that your Ex is still tight beaming you and that you are of that value to everyone else must read this.

Why most Exs doesn’t learn to quit?

To my knowledge, I see this as an addiction like any other. Scholars have failed to distinguish between addiction and dependence, so we all call it addiction. There are studies that show the brain is equally affected to both a person who is in love and a substance addict.

Breaking up with one you love brings with it the consequences of an addiction. Studies called The Neuroimaging of Love have shown that the brain produces 12 euphoria-inducing chemicals that bring happiness feeling to a person in a state of drugs use or in a romantic relationship.

And so, falling in love affects intellectual areas of the brain and triggers the same sensation of euphoria experienced by people when they take cocaine.
To be honest when I found about this for the first time, I was really concerned with past issues of friends and relatives.

Chemicals like vasopressin, adrenaline, oxytocin, and dopamine are produced in the brain of a person who is in deep love. The same chemicals are also produced in the brains of substance users like cocaine addicts.

Many people think that when a couple breaks up and one can’t move on, it is a sign that the other one was of great value, and some begin to assume that they are better and keep bragging about that.

We need to understand that these fellows are suffering from addiction.

They need help to have that tolerance of withdrawal like any other substance addict in sober houses. That sticking around is not normal. It is an addiction, a change in behavior caused by biochemical changes in their brain after continued substance abuse (love, in this case).

I hate it when I hear a police report that someone killed a partner for "WIVU WA MAPENZI". I grew up in the hoods, where substance use was a normal part of life. On a scale of 10, I can say that 9 addicts would be able to kill to get something to afford the substances they take. Yet we don’t see it as a mental problem. A decade ago, I was wondering why someone would commit a suicidal act just for a love. It happens a lot to college students, and I know some of you have seen it or heard about it.
Guys, it’s a serious mental health issue, not something to joke about.

I was once interviewed by the institution, and during the final stages, they gave me a JD and terms and conditions. One was that they do not tolerate any romantic relationships with co-workers. If you get caught, you are fired, If you manage to hide until the pregnancy comes you two have to decide who should leave the institution. Most people couldn’t understand why there was that condition in the first place, but I did read articles, scientific journals, reports, and watch a lot of documentaries. I had references to what this condition meant.

My brothers and sisters this issue is an addiction or a dependency in other words, that our society cannot illegalize, whether it’s because of moral issues or conflicting interests, hope you all know that famous "Muwamba ngoma" proverb.

I do believe in the near or middle future, on the verge of deep behavioral science and logical reasoning generations, romantic relationships will be illegal. People will have the choice of giving birth and co-parenting kids with legal partners without any romantic relationships and there will be some serious legal punishment when one is caught, I have the feeling that they will consider a romantic relationship as a substance like any other substance.

Thank you to the late @EdwinSemzaba for writing us a masterpiece of a play that addressed the issue in our earlier development. Though for Ngoswe it was a lust rather than love.

Never mind the format, I first published it as a Twitter threed.




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