Katika mazungumzo ya kawaida mtu anaweza kutumia mitindo ya lugha miwili ambayo ni moja kwa moja yani Halisi ama tamathali za semi akiwa ana dhumuni moja la mazungumzo au context moja, wenzetu huwa wana haya maneno; Literally and Metaphorically.

kwenye hili la hapa ni Halisi na Sitiari ndio itakuwa sehemu ya maelezo yangu.
Mtu akisema

usipo tatua tatizo sasa litakuwa kubwa baadaye

Anakuwa amzengumza literally, lakini anaposema

usipo ziba ufa utajenga ukuta"

Anakuwa amezungumza Metaphorically

Pia literally inaweza kumaanisha kiuelewa wa kawaida" ama kiuhalisi, kwenye mazungumzo mtu anaposema Literally anamaanisha "kwa maana ya moja kwa moja", "kiuelewa" au "kiuhalisia"

The photo above was taken on 4th May 1926 during the second day of the General Strike, British working-class mostly are the coal miners (then the largest working group in British) matching the streets of Newcastle Upon Tyne with their signs carrying their demands. Do you saw any board sign demanding a salary raise? No, you didn’t, now you are asking your self why no salary raise sign?

Logically the cost of raising salaries in a free economy is vicious than not, Politicians are playing dumber games to themselves and the working class decided to join up. Literally, the prices of necessities are set according to the purchasing power of consumers, not to production costs, any positive shift in salary, Purchasing power curve goes positive, prices respond so, the national currency gets an internal heat just like a dog 🐕, panting to adjust the room temperature, do you think the impact is only a weak currency?

That isn’t painful enough, the real pain comes when that panted air…

Photo by Deleece Cook on Unsplash

OPEN THREAD TO H.E. @SuluhuSamia

I don’t know if this will reach you but I hope you will get its summary. Tanzanians need another favour before the end of this #Easter2021 season, the best favour your excellency @SuluhuSamia you could do for us is to find another work for @DocFaustine at the expense of @JMakamba, and order Hon. @mwigulunchemba1 to examine if those charges introduced to telecoms are reasonable and if not kindly consider removing them.

Working space has been rapidly changing since 2019 on the forces of #COVID19, Throughout the world, the internet became the fuel to power every…

Wealthy countries have bought over half of the world’s COVID-19 vaccines, this seriously needs to change you can’t beat this pandemic like that, there’s a need for mutual efforts to get our hands off COVID-19 and to be precisely for now we must get the vaccines to health workers and the most vulnerable worldwide.

Dear, Americans, Britons, Canadians, and Japanese please start donating #COVID19 vaccine doses now, to reach health workers and the most vulnerable globally.

Vaccine nationalism puts the world, people’s lives, and your economies at risk.
If you think you can beat it alone let me remind you…

Photo by MD Duran on Unsplash

It was a year ago since I started to look for relevant postgraduate studies, my considerations were a program that is affordable, reflects my career trajectory, and 100% is online delivered, sadly I didn’t manage to get one for just only that last consideration. I thought the pandemic (I mean Covid-19.) would be a wake-up call for higher education institutions to harness the transformational powers of remote learning, meanwhile they responded to nothing other than stopping to provide even those full-time in-campus programs.

What prevents us from going forward?

Is a question that I can’t get any logical answers to…

hadj lukoe

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